1. Lemme ask a real fucken question, why all you tumblr people gotta get all sad when you see a couple, and say ohhh shit look at them then look at me, i’m so lonely. why you gotta be sad when you see that. i’m fine when i see that. Shit doesn’t make me lonely cos there’s no reason to be, when you’re happy with yourself , if you’re not happy with yourself then why are you fuckin around, instant life upgrade

    you may want to have another person in your life but if you don’t have one then who cares fuck you you’ll find someone one day. 

    thats my fucken question you tumblr lookin fucks


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  4. you gys are all sleeping (australia) and I’m just sitting here really sick playing zelda 


  5. one of those nights


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  9. Please send me ask things. I’m so bored and if you wanna know anything about me- now would be a cool time to ask. Or tell.

    Kiss face Emoji.


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    One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken - Leo Tolstoy

    that’s so beautiful

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  15. Holy fuck guys onlyrealfriends changed his fucking profile picture